IBE – Internet Booking Engine

The booking process is the heart of the IBE where ”lookers are turned to bookers”. The ezyFlight booking process is built for high performance and optimized for high conversions. The various steps of the booking process can easily be changed using the ezyFlight Content Management System to handle multi-lingual support and customized content. The overall display and design can also be modified based on any design (PDF, PSD etc).

All parts of the booking flow is seamlessly integrated with the underlying PSS/CRS where fare types, fares, inventory, seat maps etc are all automatically and instantly retrieved and displayed on the web site.

Retail and merchandise is fully supported where any product or service may be sold as part of the reservation. Both in-res services such as bags, seats, special equipment etc as well as external services such as hotels, rental cars, insurances etc.

The IBE and booking process can be offered as a full solution including your corporate/public web site, or as a separate solution to be linked/connected from your web site.


  • Search Box including smart calendar to show active dates based on the Schedule (automatically retrieved from the PSS/CRS).
  • Low Fare Calendar / Fare Shopper to display a full week or month with the lowest fares.
  • Fare Families/Bundled Fares with an intuitive and graphical display of included services and products.
  • Advance Seat Purchase and Selection
  • Third party Ancillary / Add-Ons;
    • Hotels
    • Rental cars
    • Insurance
    • SMS/Text Confirmation
    • etc
  • Payment processing including support for 3DS/Redirect/Internet banking
  • E-mail Receipt/Confirmation
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