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ezyHotels is ezy’s system for searching for and booking hotels. The system does not have any hotel contracts or prices of its own, instead it utilises other providers for searching for and booking hotels. Currently there are 10 providers available. The system is based on a number of modules to easily be able to connect to different providers.

Our provider’s information can even be expanded with your own information, your own hotel contracts, an increase in pricing logics and the handling of bookings with ezySales.

ezyHotels is constantly under development, examples of new features are:

– New providers added

– Improved facilities for translation

– Choice of cities to be exposed, proritised etc.

– General geographic data including IATA and handling of maps (Google Maps), regardless of provider

– ezySales integrated to be used as own provider for hotel production and added content information


ezy Sales

ezy Sales is our online booking system for the sales of hotels, products and package holidays.  ezy Sales is even used as a compliment to ezy Hotels, in order to connect your own hotel information to external hotel contracts and your own contracts to hotel bookings. ezySales can also function as a separate midoffice system.

ezySales handles;

– Destinations and geographical structure

– Hotel, price, room and hotel information

– Alotments on room and hotel level

– Advanced hotel and product information incl. picture handling and formatting

– Products to be included or added

– Package prices; construction prices based on hotel and product prices and mark up or package prices

– Currencies and mark ups handled on several levels

– Complete multi language handling

– Reservation dialogues for hotels, packages etc.

– Integration with online flight booking and other

– Separate midoffice or base for midoffice integration

– Agency and agent handling

– Distribution; External API’s/webservices or white label solutions

– And more…

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